Brand identity

One of the first tasks was a brand refresh. With the only limitation being that the logo had to remain the same, I had creative freedom to turn the flat and corporate identity into something more fun, friendly and energetic. This included a new colour palette, the addition of gradients, icons and new imagery. To tie it all together – a new brand guidelines document.

During the process another problem presented itself – brand guidelines were continually updating and shared as PDFs, so often, certain divisions or departments would be working from an older version. While this wasn’t a requirement, I conceptualised a solution of an online brand document where employees could not only get the most up-to-date guidance, but have access to brand assets like logos, icons and imagery.

Due to time constraints, the site never launched but I think it holds up very well as a solution. Here’s a working prototype.

Asset creation

Alongside these projects was business as usual – countless posters, banners and leaflets that were placed throughout LGC’s headquarters and conceptual work for the next iteration of the brand identity.