Kingston College

The first of two colleges in the KSEP partnership, a new brand identity had just launched and the task was to implement it across all print and digital media. This was a massive undertaking – every existing poster, booklet, prospectus, presentation, social media content and website had to be redesigned to adhere to the new brand and guidelines.

Along with a new Kingston College typeface logo, a dynamic 3D ‘K’ identity, with 48 possible variations, was also introduced. I loved how flexible this new identity was and really enjoyed all the creative ways we came to implement it.

Kingston College


A college doing university degrees – it’s confusing, right?

We needed a way to differentiate undergrad courses and students from the regular old (or younger in this case) college ones. This was to stop potential students falling through the net, simply because they didn’t know it existed.

Following some user research, the formerly labelled Higher Education was re-dubbed Undergraduate due to most not understanding the internally used term. The solution was a sub-brand with a more mature and exclusive colour palette, using a dark grey and salmon pink combination, and an outlined version of the K identity.

Carshalton College

Following the success of Kingston College’s rebrand and new website, the tired and dated Carshalton College had to follow suit. It began with choosing a primary colour scheme that reflected the College’s values, a logo refresh and a re-skin of the new Kingston College website.

The result was a loud, vibrant and energetic identity that remained clean and minimal.

PantoneĀ® 7648 C
C28 M100 Y23 K12

PantoneĀ® 1375 C
C0 M39 Y93 K0

PantoneĀ® 319 C
C72 M0 Y27 K0